Greenix® GP/B Ballistic Panel

We offer blast and ballistic panels, bullet resistant that can be manufactured in various thicknesses in order to adequately meet the desired threat level of your project. Our reinforced Greenix GP/B Panels are fabricated under controlled manufacturing conditions to deliver reliable and predictable blast and ballistic mitigation performance for new and retrofit construction projects.

SIP Supply has developed blast resistant composite panels that are unlike conventional steel and aluminum plated panels. Greenix GP/B Panels are structurally sound, lightweight, corrosion resistant, portable and easy to install. GP/B Panels have a variety of uses and can be used in new and existing construction.

See who is using our Ballistic Panels

Panel Applications can include:

  • Government Facilities – Post Offices, Embassies, Correctional Facilities
  • Military Buildings –  Training Structures, Communication Units, Field Hospitals, Mobile Outposts
  • Commercial Buildings – Lobbies, Conference Rooms, High-Risk Retail Locations
  • Banking Institutions – Cashier Counters, Vault Areas, Doors
  • Residential housing – Safe Rooms, Storm Rooms

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Predictable and reliable blast/ballistic threat protection in a thin, lightweight, cost-effective solution
  • Greenix GP/B Panels can meet or exceed GSA blast performance standards
  • Greenix GP/B Panel’s composite construction eliminates the need for steel rebar reinforcement
  • Custom designs based on sizes and NIJ threat levels 1-11
  • Quickly and easily installed in new, retrofit and modular applications
  • Ability to accept pigments and surface finishes
  • Self-sealing capability

Let’s talk about your Project!

We can demonstrate how the Greenix Panel System is the panel solution for your project.