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Military and Government Projects

We provide Military Shelters and Modular Buildings for Search Houses, Blast Houses, Milcon Developments, Utility Buildings, Office Complexes and Storage Facilities using the Greenix® Panel System. Our structures constructed using Greenix Panels can be joined together to make large, open plans or can stand-alone as living accommodations or office shelters.

  • Temporary Housing
  • Mobile Units
  • Energy Efficient Housing
  • Ballistic Panels
  • Training Structures
  • Military Shelters

Key Features

  • Superior Structural Integrity
  • Highly Blast Resistant
  • Multiple “Skin” Options
  • Relocatable, with Lift or Manual
  • Optional Exterior and Interior Finishes
  • Temporary or Permanent Structures
  • Installation Available

Prototype Project – Greenix® Blast Panel

PROJECT: USMC Training Structures Rebuild

LOCATION: Quantico, VA

PANEL: Greenix Panel GP/W Wood Custom Skins

DETAILS: We were given the task of producing a blast panel for a client that would be used in military-style training exercises. The USMC required a product that could hold up under extreme conditions such as explosive blasts and grenade shrapnel, in conjunction with providing a single fiberglass-core panel that could be “blasted out,” easily removed and replaced with a new panel. With custom modifications, the ease of on-site assembly and nature of the Greenix Panels’ structural integrity, SIP Supply delivers.

Military Training units

Military and Government Projects

More Greenix Panel System Applications

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