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Greenix Panels Structural Insulated Panels

Greenix Structural Insulated Panels are top of the line in quality yet remain affordable due to our volume production practices. The combination of SIP technology and advanced manufacturing practices enables us to deliver a superior structural insulated panel to the marketplace. Greenix Panels are fabricated in the factory ensuring strict quality control measures.  We continue to develop the latest Greenix Panel technologies for production and to serve the growing client demand.

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 The Greenix Panel System are ideal for GREEN building projects.

  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Low Energy Consumption
  • Less Construction Waste
  • Recyclable Materials
  • LEED & Energy Star Rated


Among other benefits we’ve listed, the Greenix Panel System is designed to maintain a structure’s indoor air quality.

  • Improved Air Quality
  • Resists Moisture & Mildew
  • Thermal Performance
  • Less Maintenance
  • Quieter Indoors


The Greenix Panel System may be your solution for a stronger framing system.

  • Fire Resistant
  • Tornado Resistant
  • Hurricane Resistant
  • Solid Core Walls
  • Quality Controlled


Look to the Greenix Panel System for the superior quality product.

  • Fire: Class-1/A Rating
  • Wind Load to 180 MPH
  • Structurally Superior
  • Used in Military Applications
  • Blast Resistant

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