September 2017

Launch of offering over twenty different types of panel types relating to Commercial, Industrial, Agriculture, Medical, Retail, Hospitality, Restaurant, Military, Residential,

March 2006

Completed the First online AIA Approved and Accredited (CEC) Continuing Education Course for Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) in the history of SIPs. Within 1 year over 5000 architects and Engineers completed and pass the test. This course took SIPs to the next level of educating the AEC industry and the public about SIP construction. (Course)

November 2005

Signed agreements with AEC Daily and (CSI) Construction Specification Institute to create the Frist (1st) (CEC) Continuing Education Course for (SIPs) Structural Insulated Panels.

January 2005

Started the development and outline of a CEC course for SIP education, completed research and studies to prepare alignment with AEC Daily and (CSI) Construction Specification Institute for final development of an Accredited Continuing Education Course. Started production of document study.

June – December 2004

Developed relationships within SIPA and other Structural Insulated Panel industry sectors for study of shipping coordination across United States. Expanded and formed directory of possible install crews in multiple states.

March 2004

Completed SIP plan designs to meet affordable low-income housing market; started production of architectural structures and simple structures to develop real cost.

January 2004

Work on phase 1, developing research of the Structural Insulated Panel Industry, market study and developing a introduction website. Received dealer agreement as a supplier of EPS panel system to test market.

November 2016

Started redesign of SIP, to expand and add total product line from #1 plant, #2 plant, #3 plant #4 plant.

July 2016

#1 and #2 plant equipment assembled and SIP production capabilities of new manufacturing plant creating over 250,000 sq. feet of new SIP Production facilities.

December 2015

Completion of MIL-Spec Group ballistic door designed were shipped to chemical plant based on engineered code requirements. Doors were 13/4-inch-thick, with R-value of 23.

September 2015

Contracted with a contractor of CM2 Hill for design and manufacturing of Ballistic doors for a Bayer Chemical plant. Ballistic doors were designed to meet the specification and requirements to withstand 25 lbs. of TNT at 15 feet

July 2015

Plant buyout and merger completed assets transferred to various locations creating new manufacturing and distribution points in California, Texas, Tennessee, and Arizona

July 2014

SIP production slightly halted due to major buyout of panel technology for merger of plants in various states.

November 2013

Technical cooperation contract with Oak Ridge Laboratories, Steris Corporation and other research centers were active and started production and sales of chemical warfare testing chambers, nuclear power plant ice rake projects involving flexible design criteria for multiple industries

July 2013

Production of all panels at Camp Pendleton were completed and all products shipped to Marine Base.

January 2012

Designed and sold 8-million-dollar Live Fire Training Unit project at Marine Base Camp Pendleton.  The project consisted of specialty designed Panel product, labor and equipment to install. This project established the commercial division of SIP Supply, LLC and lead to the formation of MIL-Spec Group, LLC a SDVOSB. MIL-Spec Group soon thereafter became a registered SAM federal contractor.

July 2011

First large commercial project was contracted at Camp Lejeune Marine Base in Camp Lejeune North Carolina. Designed, manufactured, and installed 15 building to create a (FOB) Forward Operating Base that included several types of structures including AARP and Nocturnal training centers. Project completed in 63 days

July 2009 – February 2010

Moved business location to Marietta Georgia and started developing a more commercial line of products and services, metal frame SIP construction, magnesium board MGO and Hardi Board prototypes were designed.

February – December 2008

The Greenix Brand of SIPs was established with the production of a custom home subdivision in Wyoming, first major SIP construction project for the company, total homes to be built were 60. Started and built 14 homes and housing market declined and project closed. 1,600 to 3,200 sq. foot homes were constructed using polyurethane foam core OSB/OSB SIP panels.

December 2007

Structured purchase and capital to purchase a 30,000-sq. foot manufacturing plant, Old Goody’s plant in South Georgia.

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