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GX Panel: Innovative Technology

Your Trusted Partner for Industry-Leading Greenix® brand SIPs

“We built 6 Tiny Homes with the GX Panel System. I really like the product and the support I received made it easy.”

-Oakland, California

Why choose the GX Panel for your project?

The GX Panel was designed to become the most efficient and universally viable structural building material available. The GX Panel is a state-of-the-art, advanced building system whose features and benefits will outnumber other traditional building material, regardless of cost. The Panel system incorporates disaster resistant strength, and superior resistance to mold, mildew, fungus, fire, moisture and insects, while maintaining recyclability and ease of use.

  • Panel skins are 26gauge, embossed steel

  • Polyurethane foam insulation for walls and roof

  • Cut Panels to your plan, up to 50 feet long!

  • Fabricated with a load-bearing connector, unlike non-structural IMPs

  • Lightweight! 3.6 pounds per square foot for easy install

  • Thickness options available for  3″ (R25), 4″ (R28) & 5″ (R40)

  • GX Panel has been tested and is DCM-Approved (Dade County, FL)

  • Over 24 types of testing


Affordable Housing

Custom Homes

Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs)

Tiny Houses


Freezers Walk-in Coolers

Retail and Commercial

Schools and Public Facilities

Warehouse Construction


Controlled Growing Environments


Military Buildings & Training Units

Extreme Climates

GX Extreme Panel Testing

Our dedication to total product quality control can be evidenced by the appearance, performance and consistency of our product. Our distinguished list of testing, certifications and endorsements only further represents our commitment to quality.  With over 24 certified tests, the GX Panel passes with flying colors!

  • Seismic Rated / California
  • Florida DCA approved
  • FEMA Tested
  • 155+ mph wind loads
  • 1 Hour Fire Rated

GX Panel

Superior Production Speed

Superior Production Speed

GX Panels are manufactured in a continuous production process. Because of enhanced production speeds, we are capable of producing over 13,000 square feet of top quality panels in a single eight-hour shift.  Because of our unique panel design, construction personnel enjoy superior ease of use and increased assembly speed on site. No project is too large or too small!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the GX Panel a cladding panel

No, GX Panels are structural panels, but they can also also be used as a cladding panel.

Is the GX Panel a structural panel?

Yes, the GX Panel is a structural wall. Standalone up to 14 feet and up to three stories as a system.

Do you offer installation?

Yes and no.  Most panel installations are completed by licensed general contractors.

Can you span with a GX Panel?

Yes! Up to 15 feet spans are achievable.

What is the lead time for delivery?

Typical delivery times range between 6 and 12 weeks.

Is there any wood in the GX Panel?

No. There is no wood or wood components in the GX Panel. The building system is manufactured using galvanized 26 Gauge Embossed Steel and integrated structural members for attaching siding or other materials.

We have EPS and Wood SIPs too, Send your quote!

“We used wood SIPs for over 10 years, the GX Panel System just made more sense to us. More affordable and lighter with more flexibility that wood.”

-Tampa, Florida

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Whether the application is industrial, commercial, residential, institutional, stackable, scalable, portable, or modular, selecting GX Panels for your project can help achieve those goals.

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